frequently asked questions

Does Dallas Taxidermy offer pick up?

With only a $150 service fee (within a 30-mile radius of downtown Dallas), we will pick up your animal and return the animal upon completion.

How should I treat the skin before transferring the animal to Dallas Taxidermy?

For a shoulder mount, it is always best to leave as much of the hide with the head as possible. I hang my animals upside down for skinning and take the hide all the way from the back legs to the neck. Alternatively, skin the animal close to the hind-quarters and work your way to the head. This will ensure there is enough hide to cover the entire form for the mount. Keep the hide and the head as cold and dry as possible. If you place them in a cooler with ice, please place the hide and animal in a trash bag and drain water from the cooler frequently.

How long does it take to complete a shoulder mount?

It will take 6-9 months to complete shoulder mounts and lifesize mounts. I will be in close contact with you to keep you updated on the estimated completion date.

Do you provide pet taxidermy?

We do not provide pet taxidermy at this time. This includes dogs, cats, etc. However, if your pet buffalo just passed away, be sure to contact us!

Is there a deposit required?

A 50% deposit is required for tanning services and supplies to complete the shoulder mount or lifesize mounts.

Do you process meat?

We do not provide meat processing at this time but give us a call and we can provide some great recommendations!